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greater portland-metro area.

About ME

Customer base

Trustworthy And Friendly Attitude


Being a sole owner/operator I found that owning my own business is now and has been a great experience. It allows me to make business decisions that may not fit the normal, large company profile. I can focus on keeping people happy and building strong business relationships by being fair.


My business and personal life are one in the same. Many times I will complete an inspection and chat with the customer about life or what interests them. You may get to see pictures of my kids or my dog, things that are personal to me become personal to you. I try to treat people as they are my friends and I have known them for years because that's what I do. 


Licensed, Bonded and Insured

CCB #200730

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All Customers Are Equal

Many of my existing customers range from an extremely large school district with nearly 600 fire extinguishers to small businesses with only one. I treat all customers as equals. One does not take priority over another based on size, type or the people involved. Each customer I meet gets the same courteous, helpful and thoughtful approach to their service the same way that I would like to be treated. The Golden Rule are more than just words, they should be the basis for businesses and personal life everyday.

My Mission

​01. Values

I am committed to providing you with the highest level of service. Any person I come in contact with should be left feeling as if they were the most important customer of the day, to which they are.


02. Honesty

I believe in treating customers fairly because I want your business now, and far into the future. If I cannot service your equipment I will make sure you know that and I will find who can.


03. Integrity

In the dictionary integrity includes honesty. My feeling is that integrity is much more. Having integrity means being honest even when no one is around to see it. There are many ways people can cheat any system if they try hard enough. With my background and strong value based up bringing I refuse to settle doing anything less than the right way, regardless if I lose or make money.